Your Daily


Whether you are going to work or out with family and friends, Your Daily will always have your back. Comfortable, ultra durable, and good looking, this full grain belt will be a solid companion to your daily life.


Your Daily is made from a single premium full grain leather strap ensuring a very long life of comfort, reliability, and timeless cool that will adapt to any lifestyle you take it through.
Each belt is custom made to your measurement, edges beveled for comfort and burnished for a finish look, and under-loop area is skived to thin out the are just enough so you don’t have three layers of 9oz leather right on your belly.

For Natural leather, waxes and oils are added to the whole belt for protection. For the Brown Latigo, edges are also painted, sanded, burnished and again sanded, painted and burnished to create a finished black edge.

Personalization: Add initials to the belt loop for an extra $10.

Natural – 100% Vegetable tanned with no die, this is what the leather lovers look for. Within months it will start developing a patina which will start turning the belt to a caramel brown with the years. This is the the type of belt that can easily endure the decades and beautify with age.

Brown Latigo –  Latigo leather is tanned with both the chromium and vegetable processes, and later tumbled with waxes, tallows, and oils. The end result is a beautiful full aniline died leather which conserves all necessary strength from the vegetable tanning coupled with the suppleness of the chromium tanning. Latigo leather scratches, and unscratched due to it’s “pull leather” ability, meaning that as it stretches and bends, the oils move a little bit, correcting previous scratches and marks. Of course, with time, like any full grain leather, it will develop it’s own permanent marks and scratches which tell the story of it’s trajectory.

Buckle options:
Solid Brass (No Nickel)
Stainless Steel (No Nickel)

Width Sizes
It comes standard in 1.5 inches or 1 inch width depending on your preference.

Length Sizes
Custom made to your measurement. Simply grab your favorite and most comfortable belt and measure (in inches) from the bottom of the buckle (where the strap fold is) to the most used hole on the belt. This measurement should be a few inches larger than your normal pant size, so don’t worry, be happy.



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