About Spondylus Leather

It All Began in Peru in the Late 1800s

In the late 1800s my great-great grandfather, Mariano Ibañez, fixed arms during the The War of the Pacific.  He noticed that the soldier’s holster would not last long and could be improved.  So, he created a better process to craft leather holsters that would last longer.  He created a tannery and made all sorts of leather goods, and when the war was over, his son, my great-grandfather Arturo, grew into the biggest tannery in Peru: the Ibañez tannery in Arequipa. Later, my grandfather Hugo moved to Lima and created his own tannery, and along with my father, Mario they also created the leather goods brand: Ibañez, specializing in many leather wear and accessories, but they were famous for their jackets. I still have  couple in my closet from my childhood.

Today, we honor this legacy by carrying on the traditional methods of crafting leather goods with a focus on reliability, timeless elegance, and fresh new designs.

Each product is 100% hand made from the drawing board (pen and paper) to the final touches by a single artisan, Piero Ibañez, ensuring full  atention to detail throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Spondylus is located in San Diego, California – USA. The whole process of creation, sourcing, and manufacturing is done locally out of San Diego. Occasional phone calls will take place with Mario back in Peru to discuss leather types and design ideas.

A great deal of thought has been invested to come up with designs that are long-lasting without compromising fresh edgy looks.

At Spondylus, it’s all about owning something you love from day 1, and enjoying it for a very long time.

Mario Ibañez Sr. Ancón-Lima Perú.